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CMON Previews Arcadia Quest: Riders

CMON Previews Arcadia Quest: Riders

At a media event held by CMON, they previewed numerous upcoming games that they have been working on. The first that I’d like to talk about is Arcadia Quest: Riders. Sure, the Guilds have had animal companions with their cute, little pets. But now, they’ll be able to actually take to battle riding impressive steeds!

While the set is still being finalized, we did get some important details about it. First, this is a new, modular expansion, meaning that you need one of the core game boxes (either the original core game or Inferno) to use it. Also, this set will be sold direct-to-retails. I repeat, this is NOT going to be a Kickstarter project.

So, what will be coming in this set? First off, each Guild will be getting a mount. Mounts allow a Hero to saddle up and ride into battle in style. Mounts all have a shove-style ability, being able to clear other characters out of the way. They will also all have a unique ability, giving each Mount something cool they can do. And, like the Pets, they will have specialized gear that they can use to enhance their abilities and increase their survivability on the battlefield.

Along with the mounts, the expansion will also have two brand-new heroes, as well as a brand-new major villain and a brand-new minor villain. The set comes with a new 6-mission campaign, too. It is neat because there are alternate scenarios given for when you have other Arcadia Quest expansions. So, for example, if you have the Pets expansion, there’s an alternate version of one of the scenarios that makes specific use of that material. Same goes for Beyond the Grave. And if you have both, there’s yet another alternate scenario you can try out. So this set really ties in with all the different Arcadia Quest products out there (and, of course, you can use any Hero that’s out there with the Riders set).

Be on the lookout for more information as the set gets closer to release.