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CMON Previews A Mercenary Shaman for HATE

In the post-apocalyptic world, people have turned to the worship of the old gods and spirits that inhabit the ethereal realm. But it's not always just the good spirits that they pray to. In such harsh, evil times, you might just need a harsh, evil god. These Shamans can bring powerful and different abilities to a Tribe's arsenal. Check out the art and sculpt for one of them coming in the HATE board game.

From the post:

In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, not everyone has settled into a Tribe and set down roots in a Village. Mercenaries prefer to go solo, opting for a solitary, nomadic lifestyle. Sometimes numbers give you strength, and sometimes they just put a target on your back.

Not all Shamans pay tribute to the same gods. The idea of an objective morality has long since disappeared from the lives of the people in the world today, and now mystics find their power and guidance from good and evils spirits alike.

Shamans with no tribal protection can be beaten into submission and added to your flock in HATE. These mysterious figures have powers and insight that may seem strange to the vicious, single-minded barbarians they fight alongside, but they can offer important advantages in battle.

Players will be able to tap into their mystical abilities as well as other Mercenaries when HATE: The Board Game comes to Kickstarter on January 16 at 3PM EST. These figures are resin, the finals will be plastic.