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CMON Posts Rising Sun Interview With Eric Lang

It seems you all have been just eating up the Rising Sun previews we've had. And I can't blame you. I'm really looking forward for this one, too. Well, we've seen a lot of miniatures, but what about gameplay? CMON has posted up a short interview with Eric Lang were they get a bit into the overall way the game works.

From the post:

This fascination with Japanese mythology is what influenced his latest design: Rising Sun. Set in feudal Japan, players control hostile clans, struggling over territory. It is a war game, but one with a decidedly social and political feel to it. Players will go into battle, but in a very diplomatic fashion.

“Players are the leader of their clan and they’re trying to, not just conquer Japan, but to re-civilize it,” explains Lang. “The game is about the machinations of war, as much as the war itself.”