CMON Posts Preview Photos Of A Song of Ice and Fire From GAMA

By Polar_Bear
Mar 16th, 2017

So, there’s been a lot of big news over the past couple days. Arguably one of the biggest was that CMON is going to be making A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game. Well, they posted some photos from the show, including a couple preliminary shots of the miniatures (along with a look at some other things they’re working on).

The gallery also has a couple shots of the upcoming The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire board game, but you’ve been able to see some of that stuff before.
I should note that the minis in the preview are of pre-production resins. The final figures will be multi-part pre-assembled plastic.


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  • Daniel36

    The miniatures look great, wonderful setting for a miniature game. It would’ve been more interesting for me personally if the miniatures were 10mm, for larger scale battles, but you can’t have it all. Best of luck to CMON, but I have no doubt this will prove massively successful!
    And maybe they can produce a 10mm variant as well. I propose the name “A Symphony of Ice and Fire”. 😛

    • odinsgrandson

      Are they to scale with the Dark Sword line of minis?

      They look less “true scale” than DSM’s George R R Martin line.

      • Just asked. They are to scale with Dark Sword’s line of minis.

  • Tomas Höll

    Oh my, those look sweet and it’s a rank&file game. I’ll be playing it for sure.

  • Tyler Provick

    Is this a miniature game, or a miniature board game?