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CMON Posts New Dark Age Releases

It's the first of the month and we know what that means, new Dark Age releases are here! *sets off the alarm bells so everyone knows* The Slavers and the Salt Nomads are the ones getting new figures this month. One of them has huge water bottles on their back. He's like a human camel. Well, as human as the denizens of Dark Age get, anyway.

The Frenzied and The Unbound for the Slavers like to get in close and start slashing away at whatever they can get in reach of. Meanwhile, the Salt Nomads get The Dishonored and their rather intimidating-looking crossbows. There's also the Oathpourer (the aforementioned camel-man), who is one of the leaders of the Salt Nomads, able to link together with other squads and bring a bit of order to the chaos of the battlefield.