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CMON Posts A Song of Ice and Fire Overview

One of the most-anticipated miniatures games that will be hitting your gaming tables is A Song of Ice and Fire, a game that will let you recreate the George R.R. Martin book series right on your tabletops. CMON has posted up an overview article about the game, giving you a bit of a look at what you can expect. This is the first of what will be more in-depth previews leading up to the Kickstarter campaign.

From the post:

The Iron Throne calls to those who would rule the lands of Westeros. Many have fought and died for the chance to call themselves Kings of the Andals, the Rhoyar, and the First Men. Armies have been raised in support of those who would call themselves Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. Knives in dark alleys, poisons in golden chalices, and sharp tongues have cleared the path for those who rule. However, only one can claim the throne. In A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game from CMON and in partnership with Dark Sword Miniatures, players battle to place their House atop the legendary throne as ruler of Westeros.