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CMON Play Retailer Program Announced

I'd been hinting and alluding to a lot of things over the past couple months. Stuff that I couldn't rightly talk about. One of those things was that I had been playtesting A Song of Ice and Fire. The other thing is that I'd been doing pretty much all the writing for the new CMON Play Retailer Program. Ok, so maybe that's not as exciting to you as A Song of Ice and Fire. But I still think it's cool.

About the program:

CMON Play is our outreach program to North American brick and mortar retail stores. We want to have a strong relationship you, and have created this program specifically with your store in mind. It includes many exclusive products and opportunities designed to bring customers to you and have a great time playing games together.
There are four pillars of the CMON Play program:

- Game Night Kits
- Pre-Release Access to Highly-Anticipated New Games
- Discounted Demo Copies of Standalone Games
- CMON Kickstarter Retail Pledges