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CMON Limited Announces Exclusive Deal with Universal Distribution in Canada

You gotta know where you can get your games if you want to be able to actually play them. And if you're in Canada and if you want games from CMON, you're going to have to talk with Universal Distribution (doesn't the fact that it's Universal make it international? - Mike Nelson). CMON and Universal have struck up a deal where Universal will be the exclusive distributor for CMON products in Canada.

From the announcement:

CMON Limited has announced that Universal Distribution is now the exclusive distributor of CMON’s products in English speaking Canada effective immediately. This includes CMON’s large library of games and CMON Play offerings, such as demo copies, Game Night Kits, and Kickstarter Retail Pledges.

Jules Vautour, CMON’s Sales Director, says, “Universal has played an integral role in the rebranding of CMON and reestablishing a closer relationship with retailers in Canada. When we told Angelo what the plan was for CMON Play and the restructure, he was behind CMON completely, giving us their unwavering support”

Angelo Exarhakos, Owner and Founder of Universal Distribution, added, “We are happy to have CMON’s trust in distributing their products and supporting their initiatives. Universal remains committed to seeing our customers succeed, and believe the deal with CMON is an important step.”

Currently, Universal Distribution has warehouses located in Eastern and Western Canada to help serve customers’ needs. And, in the near future, Universal is opening a new warehouse in Toronto to better serve retailers.