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CMON Limited and Cranio Creations to Publish Lorenzo il Magnifico, Council of 4

CMON Limited and Cranio Creations to Publish Lorenzo il Magnifico, Council of 4

Cranio Creations and CMON Limited are teaming up to add more games to your collection. There will be an English version of Lorenzo il Magnifico as well as an updated version of Council of 4. I’ve actually gotten a chance to see the Lorenzo il Magnifico rulebook. If you’re a fan of worker placement and resource management, you’ll be in for a real treat there.

Lorenzo il Magnifico puts you in charge of a wealthy family during the Italian Renaissance. You’ll be competing to become the most influential of all, gathering resources and working on various development projects in order to do so. As for Council of 4, you’ll take on the role of merchants in an Empire divided into 3 kingdoms. Your goal is to build Emporiums in the various kingdoms, having to influence (through bribery, political maneuvering, or whatever means necessary) the various Councils of four nobles in each Kingdom (hence the name of the game, you see).

Cranio Creations’ CEO and Founder, Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino, says, “CMON is the right partner to bring Cranio Creations’ games and brand to an international audience.” He continues, “Unusual Suspects was incredibly well received by our American audience, and we believe Lorenzo il Magnifico and this new version of Council of 4 will both be success stories.” David Preti, Creative Director of CMON, commented, “As an avid fan of euro games, I’ve always followed Cranio Creations’ titles. Lorenzo il Magnifico and the brand-new version of Council of 4 fit perfectly into our growing games catalog, and CMON is pleased to welcome such a talented team to our family.”

You can expect to see both of these games hitting store shelves in the 2nd quarter of next year.