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CMON Launches Rum & Bones Kickstarter (updated)

CoolMiniOrNot sets sail for adventure with their new board game, Rum & Bones. They've just launched the Kickstarter campaign, matey!

Update: And they've hit their funding mark. Bring on the stretch goals!

The game brings the feel of popular MOBA-style video games to the tabletop. Players pick a faction, grab their heroes and fight a boarding action against their opponents. While your Deckhands incessantly press forward, smashing all in their path, your heroes look for places to press any advantage. The object of the game is to wreck enough of your enemy's ship that their morale drops to zero and they quit the battle.

Each hero, while still being unique, fits in to a generic archetype based on their class. Brutes are damage sponges. Swashbucklers get up close and carve people up in melee. Gunners are ranged experts. Quartermasters help the Deckhands be all they can be. Captains are jacks of all trades.

I've watched this game develop over the months, getting better with each iteration. Go check it out.


From the campaign:

Rum & Bones is a miniatures board game where players control fantastic pirate crews engaged in fierce combat. Inspired by MOBA style video games, Rum & Bones’ gameplay is deep, fast-paced, and highly strategic. The game pits two pirate factions, controlled by 2 to 6 players, whose ships are locked in combat, with each crew attempting to board the enemy ship and disable it.

Each ship’s single-minded crew of Deckhands and Bosuns charge headlong across the gangplanks to attack key deck features on the enemy ship. These lowly crewmen are not directly controlled by the players. They form a constantly-replenishing mob of pirates charging towards the enemy, but the crews are evenly matched, so it’s up to the player-controlled Heroes to shift the tide of battle!