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CMON Introduces The Grotesque Company Circus For Rise of Moloch

With industry comes pollution. There's always byproducts created when you burn something, and the furnaces and power plants in the industrial sections of London were notorious for burning whatever they could find to run their machines. This also created horrible liquid runoff from the various boilers. Those forced to live next to the factories would eventually experience degenerative diseases and birth defects. When protests broke out, the police forces fought back, forcing the groups underground. These desperate individuals despise those that live above them and will routinely take on raids of the upper surface. Some of the characters in this Grotesque Company Circus can be called on by the Nemesis player in The World of Smog: Rise of Moloch. We get a look at them in this preview.


That right there is Madam Edwarda. She's sitting on her first child (if you could call it a child). She's the ringleader of the Grotesque Company Circus, keeping all the other members in line. That's not easy to do when the group includes strongmen, insane clowns, dwarves, and two-headed people. She does possess strong hypnotic powers, though. That certainly comes in handy. So while she might not be the strongest, fastest, smartest, or toughest, she does have the ace up her sleeve of almost always being able to get people to do what she wants.

In various scenarios of Rise of Moloch, the Nemesis player will be able to call upon this motley crew of deranged individuals to supplement their regular Cult members.