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CMON Inc. To Distribute Ankama Products in US

This is some pretty big news for you today. CMON Inc. has announced that they will be the new US Distributor for Ankama products in the US next year. What does this mean? It means there's going to be a new location to be getting all your Krosmaster: Quest products in 2016.

Pre-existing orders for Krosmaster: Quest will be handled by CMON Inc., which will include promo items that are coming with such pre-orders.

CMON Inc. CEO, David Doust, says of the new partnership, “We’re extremely excited to become a part of bringing Ankama Products’ games to the USA. We have a lot of great things planned for our partnership with Ankama games in 2016. It is our primary aim to continue to provide, and hopefully improve, the type of experience fans of the Krosmaster series have grown to enjoy.”

Meanwhile, an Ankama Products spokesman said, “CMON Inc. has shown time and again that they have a passion for releasing and supporting board games with engaging rules and beautiful miniatures. We feel that their experience in publishing and marketing these types of games directly aligns with the quality of products we produce for the Krosmaster line.”

Full details about availability dates will be forthcoming.