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CMON Expo Update

As the day draws to a close, we have one last update to post. As is customary this time of year, the last post on Friday evening is about the CMON Expo. We're just two weeks away from the show. I'm certainly excited for it. Today's update is a returning guest for the show. It was really great to meet him last year, so it'll be cool to get more time to hang out with him this year. It's sculptor Patrick Masson.

Patrick Masson

Patrick has worked for such companies as Smart Max, Infamy Games, Demented Games, Big Child Creative, and CoolMiniOrNot. He also has his own company, Arktik Toys, that he does some of the sculpting for. There's quite a chance you've put together and/or painted something he's done. I know I have.

And one of the cool things about Expo is you'll have all weekend to really just hang out and talk with him. It's a cool, low-key, relaxed environment. So you can just chat about sculpting and design philosophy, or just talk about whatever. It's a highlight of the year for me, honestly.