CMON Expo Panel Spotlight: Why Kickstart?

CMON Expo will have some great panel talks during the show. One I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in in their “Why Kickstart” panel.


From the page:

Kickstarter has become all the rage in the gaming industry. From board games to video games, everyone is trying to find a way to crowd-fund their product, but why? In this moderated discussion David Doust (director, CMON) and Spencer Reeve (marketing, CMON) will evaluate the pros and cons of creating kickstarters and how it affects the industry, from publishers and distributors to retailers and consumers. Featuring an insightful look at why so many companies are moving to kickstart their products, and discussing how to create a successful kickstarter project, this panel will tackle many of the questions that are surrounding kickstarter discussions today. Closing with a open format question and answer session, David and Spencer will also address attendees’ questions about kickstarter.