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CMON Expo Friday Update: New Guest, Panel, and Events Added

CMON Expo is another week closer. And as is the custom, there's a new update about what you can expect to find at the show. This week's update adds Patrick Masson to the guests page. We also have a panel and an event from On the Lamb Games. Finally, rounding out this update, is a Guilds of Cadwallon tournament.

This is shaping up to be the biggest Expo ever. Check out all the details below the cut.

From the announcement:

Greetings CMON Expo Enthusiasts! We've got some great news to bring you this week. We've got a new special guest, a new panel, and a pair of events that have been added to the list.

First up, we'd like to add another name to our esteemed Special Guest list. We're honored to be bringing in sculptor Patrick Masson.


Patrick “The Small” Masson began sculpting when he himself was very small (if somewhat bigger than a miniature). But he got his hands on some Fimo in 1995 and since then has gained himself a huge following for his skill with fine detail, anatomy, and expression. Patrick has produced models for Smart Max, Fenryll, L’Alembic, Kabuki Models, Infamy Games, Dark Age, and CoolMiniOrNot. His unique private sculpts have won awards throughout Europe. In 2011 he launched his own company, Artik Toys. We’re looking forward to seeing how he works such magic with mere tools and clay!

Up next are a pair of announcements from On the Lamb Games. They will be running an Endless Fantasy Tactics tournament, as well as running a panel during the final hours of their next Kickstarter campaign.


First up, their Endless Fantasy Tactics King of the Hill event.

EFT Logo Fin

Come One! Come All! Prove that you’re the greatest Endless Fantasy Tactics (EFT) player in the land!

A Newbie friendly Event for EFT, scramble for the top of the mountain and hold the objective.
Even if you’ve never played EFT before or own a single mini, come and try it out. Loaner Parties will be available for the event.

Saturday 12p to 3p
Maximum Players: 8

And next, their Watch the Clock panel.


On The Lamb Games would like you to join them in counting down to the ending of their latest Kickstarter for Endless Fantasy Tactics (EFT). This campaign is for Gaiden Series, their second expansion set for the JRPG-inspired miniatures game.

Fans of EFT won’t want to miss this exciting event with Heath “B.A.” Foley (concept artist of EFT) Emily Fontana (designer for On The Lamb Games) and Matthew Whitehouse (Writer for On The Lamb Games). If you’d like to learn more, check out their Kickstarter (when it launches. Stay tuned)!

Saturday 9pm-11pm

Finally, we have our Guilds of Cadwallon: Fall of the Guilds tournament.


The fate of the Free City of Cadwallon has never been more clouded.
Each guild is making an effort to remove the others to truly claim the underpinnings of the city as theirs.
Lead your guild to it’s destiny and deny your fellow guild masters the power they crave.

This event for Guilds of Cadwallon will test your mettle as guild leader. The event will be played on 4 boards. The position of each player at the end of their games will determine which board they play at next. Win and move up to a higher board. Lose and… well… don’t lose.

After 4 rounds the true power guild of the city will be determined.

Max. of 16 players
Friday 7p – 10p

That's all for this week, but be sure to tune in next week when we bring you more exciting news about CMON Expo 2015!