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CMON Expo Friday Update: Did Someone Say Swag?

CMON Expo is already full of some pretty awesome events. But every week they're announcing some more to add to the list. This week they have a new event, of sorts, where you can play some games still in the works. There's a new panel starring Eric Lang. Finally, there's a video showing off the Swag Bag for this year's pre-registered attendees. Check all that out below the cut.

From the announcement:

Welcome to another Friday Update about CMON Expo 2015!
We're another month closer to the show, and yet there's still awesome stuff we're adding. This week's update we have several pretty sweet additions. We're showing a bit of what we've got going on for upcoming projects, a special panel being led by legendary games designer, Eric Lang, and a video showing off the Swag Bag for this year's show. Free stuff! Everyone loves free stuff!

First up we'd like to announce our CMON Expo Games Sneak Peek

One of the best parts of the CMON Expo is getting to preview what might be coming out next from our game-crazed imaginations. There’s always a bunch of projects we’re working on at one time. At the CMON Expo, we’ll let you try out some of these.

Well, we can’t reveal everything we have up our sleeves (or on the gaming table) for the Expo but you will be able to find out more about the following projects while at the show:

The Grizzled
Zombicide: Black Plague
Arcadia Inferno
The Others
Queen’s Necklace

We will leave out the descriptions for now (outside of the titles) but most of these should at least be in a beta prototype stage to play and experience.

With that in mind, these games will also be part of our Ultimate Gaming challenge!!!

Next we're happy to have one of the most prolific game designers out there, in the form of Eric Lang, running a special panel on what the design process is like, with From Tabletop to Digital Design.

Eric Lang, designer of Arcadia Quest, X-Com, Kaosball, and Blood Rage, talks about his new online tactical CCG Duelyst, and how the design for digital games influences board games… and vice-versa. This panel is a must if you are interested in behind-the-scenes of game design.

Saturday 3pm

Last, there's free stuff! Woo! Free stuff! We've got a video showing off the contents of this year's Swag Bag.
Note: Swag Bags will only be given to attendants that pre-register for the show.

That's it for this week, but be sure to check back next week for another update about the CMON Expo!