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CMON Expo Event Spotlight: Paint and Take

CMON Expo was great fun to get together last year.
And I gotta admit, the Paint and Take area was a lot more popular than I originally expected. But then again, what other paint and takes have James Wappel and Jen Haley right there painting along with you?


From the post:

The act of painting miniatures is a huge part of table top gaming. From dressing your army in it’s own custom colors to making each troop look individual, painting is just as much part of the hobby as actually playing the game. Our paint and take area offers attendees a great place to pick up already provided miniatures and paint and enjoy this side of the hobby. Weather you’re a miniature painter on the cusp of going pro and just need something to do in between gaming events, or if you’re new to painting and looking to learn what its all about, our paint and take area is a great place to spend some time. With studio painters and even Crystal Brush judges often manning the tables, this is the perfect place for getting introduced to painting or getting that final set of tips to bring your works to a master’s level.

Paint and TakeThe paint and take area provides everything you need to start painting, and allows you to keep whatever you’re working on, great for kids to adults!