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CMON Expo 2016 Update

It's Friday, the end of the day, arguably one of the most joyous times of the week, and not just because of the weekend. Oh no! It's also time for another update about this year's CMON Expo. There's a couple things you'll want to check out, as the Events and Guests got another update.

For the Events, there's been a whole bunch of changes. Events for Wrath of Kings, Infinity, and Zombicide have been added. Meanwhile, a bunch of events have changed times and days (in a few cases). So be sure to double-check and make sure you've got the times and days right for the events you want to attend. In terms of guests, there's 3 new ones. I'll be there. So will Beasts of War. Also coming is Mark Streed, who is in charge of Board Game Corner.

3 weeks from now, the first day of the show will be in full swing.
Will I be seeing you at the show?