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CMON Expo 2015 Friday Update Is Here

CMON Expo updates every Friday (as I'm sure you're aware). Well, it's Friday. So we've got an update! This week's includes all the painting classes that will be held by the awesome world-class painters that will be at the show. There's also a new event with Eric Lang where he'll run a game of Arcadia Quest for you. Finally, they've added more hotel rooms and an update about when event registration will go live.

Hey there. Hi there. Ho there. Welcome again to another CMON Expo 2015 update. This is quite an extensive one, so you'd better be ready.
To start off, we've listed out all the painting classes by the world-class painters that will be at the show. Next there's a new event where Eric Lang will play along with you in a game of Arcadia Quest. We wrap things up with a few quick notes about extra hotel rooms and event registration.


We start things off with painting. Do you want to increase your "painting game?" From painting basics, to true metallics, to airbrushes, and much more, our special guest painters have classes designed to get you to the next level. Class sizes are kept small to make sure that you get personalized instruction from each one.

The classes and their distinguished teachers are:
Mikael Astrom:
Speed Up With An Airbrush
Short Cuts to Great Results

Rhonda Bender:
Object Source Lighting Effects
Feathers, Fur, and Scales

Jen Haley:
Flesh & Faces

Bobby Jackson:
3-D Digital Sculpting

Teri Litorco:
Painting Fundamentals
Hobby Where You Last Look For It

Jessica Rich:
Painting Hot Chicks
Freehand Painting

Caleb Wissenback:
Painting True Metallic Metals
Intro to Blending

You can get links to each individual class on our Classes Page.


Our next announcement is a new addition to our Events Page. This time it's Arcadia Quest with Eric Lang.

Arcadia Quest is a great game, but what makes a great game even greater? Playing it with the designer!!!
Eric Lang will run a special session of Arcadia Quest Friday afternoon.

After each adventure the top three players will go to the next adventure and a new participant will take over the 4th player’s seat. Eric will answer questions and give insights while helping guide the players to victory over the monsters who have taken over the city.

Seating is limited to this event so be ready when event registration opens.

And finally, we have a couple quick announcements:

The response for folks reserving their rooms has been tremendous!
So much so that we ran out of room space for certain nights and were almost out of the others
We have worked with the hotel to open up more rooms at the Expo rate. These are available now. Just click here.

Individual event registration will open May 18th. Thank you to everyone who has inquired to make sure they will not miss the events they want to participate in most! Obviously, when the registration goes live, we'll make sure you know about it here.

And there we have it. Another week is over and we're another week closer to the Expo. Are you excited? I know I'm excited! We're All So Excited!!