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CMON Expo 2015 Friday Update: Classes, Vendors, Special Events

It's Friday. Woo! Along with our regular TGN Snippets post, Fridays also mean our weekly CMON Expo 2015 update. What all do they have this week? Well, there's a trio of new painting classes you can partake in. Then there's an announcement about some great friends that will once more be exhibiting at the show in the form of Miniature Building Authority. Finally, topping it all off, there's announcing Loser Wins Games and the plethora of special events they'll have at the show.

There's really shaping up to be some great classes for the CMON Expo. There's more than a dozen classes being taught by some of the world's best painters. The new classes will help you with such things as painting chibis, working with greenstuff, and the art and craft of sculpting minis. You could theoretically go into the Expo not knowing anything about painting, and leave an expert in the craft.

And it really is great to have Miniature Building Authority coming back to the show. Kirk and the crew are a great set of guys and we'll be posting more about special events they'll be running in the coming weeks. Newcomers to Expo will be Loser Wins Games. They're making sure their first appearance is going to be memorable, with sneak peeks of some new games, as well as some exclusive swag! Everyone loves exclusive swag!