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CMON Announces Retailer Pledge For Rising Sun

The Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS for short) is really the center of gaming life. It's where we gamers congregate and play games, as well as pick up the great games we play. Well, CMON wants to make sure the LGS isn't overlooked when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns. That's where their Retailer Pledges come in for their Kickstarter campaigns. Brick-and-mortar retail shops in North America can sign up and be part of the Kickstarter as their shop, letting their customers come to them and still get all those great Kickstarter exclusives.

From the announcement:

CMON is happy to offer our next retail pledge option for our newest Kickstarter Campaign, Rising Sun.

Beginning from the launch of the Rising Sun campaign on Tuesday, March 7 at 3:00pm EST, and until the pledge manager closes, you, our valued retailer, will be able to be part of the Kickstarter Campaign, receiving the game along with all unlocked stretch goals in increments of 6, 9 or 12 copies.