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CMON Acquires Sheriff of Nottingham From Galapagos Jogos

CMON has announced that they have acquired Sheriff of Nottingham from the Brazilian publisher, Gapalagos Jogos. In the game, players are looking to smuggle goods past the titular Sheriff. The Sheriff can only search so many wagons at a time, so you don't want to get caught with the illegal goods. However, there's plenty of legitimate things you can sell as well. Bluff your way past in order to make the biggest profit.

“CMON is excited to welcome such an esteemed title to our growing library and will continue to offer the game to fans worldwide,” says Chern Ann Ng, CEO of CMON. Sheriff of Nottingham will still be published in English worldwide by Arcane Wonders. As such, the two companies will be working together to bring the game to everyone worldwide. “Arcane Wonders is excited to be working with CoolMiniOrNot,” says Bryan Pope, CEO of Arcane Wonders. “This new relationship will provide even better support of the game and fans will see some great expansions in the future.” So if you're looking for not-English versions of the game, you'll want to talk with CMON about it (specifically Carol. She's really nice. I've met her. You'll be fine.).