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CMON 2015 Friday Update: Class Times, New Vendor, Hotel Room Update: New Information Added

It's time again for another CMON Expo 2015 update. Time is growing short. The show's only 3 weeks away. And yet there's still got plenty to talk about before it gets here. This installment, there's an update about the painting classes, a new vendor to add to the ranks, and information about hotel room registration. If you're gonna be coming to the show, you'll definitely not want to miss out on this info.

To start off, the schedule for all the painting classes has been posted. Each class will last an hour and a half, giving you plenty of time to talk with the painting expert that's teaching. Also, each class is being given at least twice, so if you have to miss one for some other event or class, you have a couple chances to make it and get the info you're looking for.

Next up, Action Phase Games, makers of Heroes Wanted will be joining us at the show. It's great to see how the number of vendors has grown compared to the previous years. CMON Expo may be named after CMON, but it really is intended for all gamers to get together and have a good time. So we're really looking forward to Travis and Nick being at the show.

Last, but certainly not least, there's the bit about hotel room registration. The special room rates for the show will end on June 4th. So be sure to book your room before then if you want to get a discount on your stay. The Atlanta Marriott Marquis is a beautiful hotel (it's one that's used during Dragon*Con as well). Getting a special rate is quite nice.

Update: Pre-Registration for the convention will end on June 7th. Remember, you MUST pre-register if you want to get the Swag Bag for the show. Don't miss out!

That's all there is this week. There'll be another update next week as CMON Expo 2015 gets ever-closer.