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Clutch Baseball Card Game Releasing This Month

Many of you are not just gaming fans, but you're also sports fans. I know the cliche is that us nerds don't know anything about sports, but that's really not the case. There are many sports games out there that have come and gone, some sadly so. Well, one's getting a rebirth in a new form. Clutch Baseball is coming out this month. Build your team, make your strategy deck, and swing for the fences.

From the website:

This is Clutch Baseball–an exciting, fast-paced fantasy game. Build a team, craft the perfect strategy deck, and choose a home stadium. Public release coming in May.

The quest for the perfect deck starts here. Create a team based on a set salary cap, choose strategy cards that will solidify their strengths, and select the stadium that will give you an unbeatable home field advantage.