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Club Fantasci reviews Villainous Vikings

Club Fantasci's Maurice Fitzgerald takes a look at Victory Point Games' Villainous Vikings in this review.



From the post:

Villainous Vikings is Victory Point Games latest entry to their ever-growing games catalog, just released at the end of July. With the great success of History Channel’s show Vikings, I think the timing for release is perfect for board gamers who have gained an interest in all things Nordic.

Everyone loves Vikings and game designers Jeremy Stoltzfus and Graham Weaver have done well in their freshman outing; blending history, mythology and easy to learn gameplay into an adventurous romp through the famed era of the Vikings. The game is filled with appropriate flavor and theme, allowing you to test your mettle against up to four players in about an hour of play. Villainous Vikings has surprising depth and strong re-playability putting this one in the must buy category, it is what I’d consider a high-end filler for when you want a decent length game without the epic time of some others.