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Club Fantasci reviews Essen the Game from Geek Attitude Games

Club Fantasci has posted up a review of the Essen game from Geek Attitude Games.



From the article:

So you’ve made it! You have arrived at Essen, cash in hand and one thing on your mind. Spend, spend, spend! (or is that games, games, games!) Essen the Game is set around the annual games trade fair in Germany, or to give it its proper title “Essen Internationalen Spieltage.”

The game is for 2-4 players and played out over 7 turns. In this time each player will attempt to navigate the various game halls and buy as many games as they can from their wish list. Each purchase will net the player victory points and bonus points might be available for snagging the most popular of games and at the end of the game the winner is the person with the most victory points.