Club Fantasci reviews BraveRats

Club Fantasci gives us a look inside BraveRats from Blue Orange Games in this new review article.



From the article:

During the 13th century in the Highlands of Scotland the King of Rats has disappeared leaving a power vacuum that has attracted the attention of two rival clans for the seat of power. The Yargs clan, the blue clad animalistic barbarian rats who revel in combat and are mighty warriors known for the battle expertise are challenging the Applewoods clan for supremacy! The Applewood clan wear red and are a civilized breed of rats that covet wealth, jewelry and hoarding all they can find. As they prepare for battle and unbeknownst to both clans, the clan princes are both in love with the rival clans princesses. Cunning, guile and combat strength are all required to fill the seat of power. Which clan will prevail? Only you can determine the outcome!