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Club Fantasci Announces FLGS TV

Just about every FLGS I've been in has a couple TVs in it, usually playing material based on games that they've got for sale. Or maybe it's just some geeky stuff that the customers love (I don't know how many times I saw The Gamers while hanging out at The Fantasy Shop, St. Charles). Well, David Lowry over at Club Fantasci has created FLGS TV, a new service to help inform game store shoppers of all the cool products that are available therein.

From the announcement:

FLGS TV was created to help retailers sell more board games, by turning existing in-store TV monitors into dynamic Point of Sale merchandising.
Partnering with game publishers to create simple, 30 second TV ads, highlighting their most current titles, FLGS TV provides a cost-free, completely customizable stream of board game ‘eye candy’ to intrigue shoppers and drive inquiries at your counter. The ad stream is easily and quickly tailored to the specific needs of each retailer, showing only those games they currently have in stock or may wish to showcase as ‘Coming Soon.’
Created by two industry insiders, FLGS TV provides affordable marketing for the publisher who wishes to support their brick & mortar retailers with effective, compelling, in-store content to help drive sales