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Clockwork Goblin Minis posts up model previews of their new line

Clockwork Goblin Minis posted up the 3D renders for these guys. Well, now we've got actual painted minis for you to look at from them. Check 'em out.

From the update:

Clockwork Goblin Minis are leased to release the first preview of the War Without End Alternative WWII 15mm infantry models! These figures comprise Release Wave 1 and feature German, Soviet, US and British powered infantry. These are pre-production masters and are having a few minor tweaks before full casting begins. Here are the German and Soviet units, and a sneaky peek at the Allies. More shots of the Allies will follow later this week, and we are well on course to release our metal infantry packs in August, with Wave 2 variant poses following shortly after...along with MECH-WALKERS!

Head to our Facebook page and let us know what you think of the figures so far!