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Clockwork Goblin Miniatures Webstore now open and New Game announcement

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures have been busy tinkering away in their workshop and they've got some announcements to make. First is that their webstore is now open. So go pick up some minis for yourself. Next is that they're working on their own minis rules for a game they're calling Konflikt '47. More on that as details develop.

From the game-makers to you:

Firstly, Clockwork Goblin Miniatures' web store is open! After months of anticipation, we are finally production-ready with the initial release of German and US 15mm Weird War II models! Currently available are our Heavy (powered armour) infantry platoons, as well as a German zombie squad and a US light mecha walker, dubbed the Coyote. Soon to follow will be the US medium Mecha walker and the German light and heavy walkers.

But the news doesn't stop there, as in addition to these releases, we have now announced that the burgeoning range of models, soon to also include more infantry, tanks and Soviet forces, will be supported in our own company level Weird War game, 'Konflikt '47'.
Playtesting has begun on the rules and we hope to release a printed rulebook and full army sets next year, with playable 'intro' scenarios leading the way for the full rule book. The game will feature an innovative and cinematic play style and some unique army design options that allow players to tailor their forces to different play styles without requiring endless new units. We are very excited by this development and hope to bring you more news soon.

Finally, as part of our ongoing process to develop quality figures, and acting on the advice of some stalwart friends in the industry, we are now designing our models so that they are suitable for 28mm scale as well as 15mm scale production. This will allow us to offer skirmish and squad-level miniatures as well as company level figures.The first test of this process has been a zombie from our 15mm range, polished up for 28mm production. We are happy enough with the result that we are pressing ahead with a full squad of six variants of these figures to release soon. More infantry are currently on the 'design bench' as we speak!