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Clockwork Goblin Miniatures announces first products

Clockwork Goblin Minis has the previews of their first releases now available to look at.

From the update:

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures is a new figure company aiming to provide quality miniatures for discerning gamers everywhere. We are delighted to present the results of our initial design phase, concentrating on our ‘War Without End’ 15mm Weird War II miniatures range.

We have entered pre-production (as shown by our lovely prototype Tesla Turret) and plan to release our first wave of models in August! Scenery maker Terrain Geek and new minis company Clockwork Goblin have published the first image of their Steampunk Objectives pack.

This pack will contain twelve highly detailed 50mm objective markers, making them perfect for representing interactive objectives in your favourite games of Steam Powered or Fury-driven Combat and Mayhem! Now you can crush your opponents in style!

The markers are in production right now and will be available from the Terrain Geek webstore in July. Tournament and Event organisers should contact Terrain Geek through their webstore for special ‘Tourney Pack’ bulk deals.

Why not head over to our Facebook page to keep up with all of our development and news and check out the full range of miniatures as it grows.