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Clockwork Goblin Games previews Mudskipper for Konflikt '47

Clockwork Goblin Games gives us a look at the 3D render they're working on for the Mudskipper for Konflikt '47.

From the preview:

here is the WIP for the Mudskipper Jump Walker, designed to provide fire support to all those Firefly jump troopers we revealed a few days ago! Using the same Tesla lift technology the firefly troops use, the Walker can traverse the battlefield in a series of powered leaps to get away from danger and into the action. With twin fixed mount .50 cals and a .30 cal on front, the Mudskipper can deal with most infantry threats, and three rocket tubes (with three extras optional) give it a punch to get out of trouble! We are very excited about this design and are making final tweaks to the model ready for moulding.