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Clockwork Goblin & Elemental Miniatures want to help your Kickstarter

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures and Elemental Miniatures are starting up a service designed to help your Kickstarter campaigns.

From the announcement:

Elemental Miniatures, alongside Clockwork Goblin, has launched a 'Crowdfunding Service' which provides a complete miniatures design, manufacturing and distribution solution for anyone whose Kickstarter or Indiegogo needs models.

Elemental Miniatures is the freelance identity for Russ Charles, the sculptor behind Clockwork Goblin's minis lines, Acthtung Cthulhu and Space 1889 among others.

Elemental Miniatures have successfully supported projects already and have had many enquiries about commissions for crowdfunding projects, so putting together a complete service seemed like the perfect solution!

Check out the landing page in the link to see exactly what is on offer- if you want a no hassle, complete miniatures package for your project, look no further!