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ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the APE (Assault/Protect/Escort) Combat Warbot Pack

ClearHorizon Miniatures has gone APE in their webshop. Their new Assault/Protect/Escort warbots are now available.


From the release:

ClearHorizon Miniatures is proud to announce their newest release, the APE (Assault/Protect/Escort) Combat Warbot Pack!

Standing approximately 24mm tall, these APE Warbots tower over the battlefield and can dominate whole sectors with their built-in weaponry.

Each Pack comes with Six (6) APEs each with three different heads. You can either give them all the same head or mix them up for a more black-market look!

Four (4) of the APEs come with a close combat hydraulic fist and Gatling gun and two (2) come with Shoulder Mounted Missile Launchers and dual close combat hydraulic fists.

Each order comes with Gruntz Data cards and you can also download them from our Facebook group.

Available now for $12.99!