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ClearHorizon Miniatures Previews Hell Diver's Motorcycle

ClearHorizon Miniatures has a couple photo previews up of the new Hell Diver motorcycle they've been working on.


From the preview:

We're working on a Hell Diver's recon motorcycle unit. The unit will have several bikes and riders as one piece and I hope to be offering the bike separately as well.

This bike is designed to fold up and fit inside the Drop Pods or Raven VTOLs.

Smaller than a full size bike, this motorcycle still features advanced technology including a thermal neutral and silent electric drivetrain with an almost 2300 km range and nanomaterial wheels that instantly adapt to the surfaces it is driving across, operating much like a gecko's feet pads to ensure smooth riding and excellent grip on the roads and off.

This is a prototype print, and I hope to have this unit zooming out soon!