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ClearHorizon Miniatures - Final Preview of the 15mm SpecOps Hell Divers

ClearHorizon Miniatures has a final preview up of their 15mm SpecOps Hell Divers miniatures.
Honestly, when I first saw these, I didn't realize they were only 15mm.


From the preview:

Hi Everyone!

It's been an exciting journey, but we're almost ready to release the Hell Divers!
Rodrick Campbell of Highlander Studios Inc. let me know this morning that he is mailing off the sculpts to Old Glory US for casting today, and they should receive them tomorrow.

Each figure also comes with a separate backpack.
Once they receive them, they'll make the master mold then the master castings. At that point they make the production mold and we're good to go!

Rod also posted a great article about the process of creating them here.