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Clear for Takeoff has Taken Off on Kickstarter

My dad used to work for the airlines (and my uncle worked for American in the tower... and a cousin was a mechanic for United...). He was a ticket agent for TWA and later, American. So I grew up with flying as just part of something we did. There was a couple times when we flew from St. Louis to Washington, DC just for the day to go see the Smithsonian museums. It was good times. Well, I know he'd certainly be interested in this game. Clear for Takeoff is up now on Kickstarter.

In the game, you are in charge of an airline and are trying to get your planes off the tarmac at JFK Airport. Of course, there's only so much space on the runway and bad weather is moving in. But your passengers have connecting flights to catch and so you need your birds in the air! Play your cards in order to get better placement in the runway order. Relive the glory days of flying.