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Claws of the Sea: A Warhammer Campaign Mini-Campaign

Animosity Campaigns have sent details of a new Warhammer Fantasy mini-campaign they will be running online. From their announcement:
Everything changes, given time. Lives so furiously lived become meaningless as time stretches out and generations come and go while the world turns around them. Empires live and die as the people who birthed them change or vanish altogether. Step back far enough and these too become trivial as the world itself shifts like a slumbering beast, its surface slowly drifting across the ocean as the fire at its heart rumbles and growls. Yet all history was lived once, all wars and the end of all Empires fought by someone. Blood freely given in the vain hope of survival. For a people. For a Nation. For a way of life. As the shock waves of the Estalian conflict begin to subside the Old World moves into an uncertain future. Malal has been unleashed and wars upon the Four. Chaos is held in check by this unholy struggle... for now. Rumours come from the Frozen North, whispers scarce believable. It is said that the Wastes are retreating, shrinking back as if in fear as nature seeks to reclaim what she has lost.
Norsca and Kislev mobilize, sleeping giants desperate to take advantage of this precious gift before it is too late. They must be swift, for others have heard the rumours and would claim this new frontier for their own. Dwarfs from the Sea Fortress of Barak Varr and men clad in the sinister garb of the Templars of Sigmar have sent ships into the North to investigate. As their fleets enter the Sea of Claws, Pirates lie in wait, eager to prey upon the new arrivals. Pirates and more. Step forward far enough and it all becomes meaningless as mountains fall and seas rise to take their place, but here and now, as the North marches to war under a cold, uncaring sky, nothing could be more important. Claws of the Sea is a small-scale naval campaign set six months prior to Animosity 6. Your actions in this campaign will shape the landscape of Animosity 6, and decide much for the openings days of that mighty conflict. More information coming shortly on the Animosity Forums.