Claustrophobia contest winners

The winners of the Asmodee USA Claustrophobia contest have been revealed.

Claustrophobia box.jpg Asmodee logo devil.jpg

From their announcement:

It’s time to reveal the winners of the Claustrophobia contest. There were over three hundred who participate in the contest. Thanks to everyone and we hope you will enjoy the game. We want to also thank Tabletop Gaming News for is cooperation.

Here are the answers for the three questions.

  1. How many tiles are included in the box? 36 tiles
  2. What do I need to activate the Sharpened Claws? Two dice with even scores
  3. How many scenarios are available in the box? 6 scenarios

Congratulations to: Patrick Todorof, Blake Shrode, Steven Rohde, Brian Beran, David Ingram.

We will contact the winners and ship out the games this week. Don’t miss the free scenario on the blog, there are already two online and one more will be coming soon.