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Classic Roleplaying Game Torg Returns as Torg Eternity

Classic Roleplaying Game Torg Returns as Torg Eternity

Ulisses Spiele US is bringing about the return of a gaming classic. The Torg RPG came out originally from West End Games in 1990. Now, fully updated into Torg: Eternity, the game is getting a new release with both original creators and long-time fans making up the design team.

Greg Gorden, one of the original creators of the game has said, “I really like this re-imagining of the Torg mythos. The streamlining and modernization of the game mechanics feel spot on. I cannot wait to play this game!”

The game rights are currently owned by Markus Plotz, president of Ulisses Spiele. He’s been a long-time fan of the game and has long wanted to create this new version. He said, “Torg is a one of a kind RPG. The setting is unique and for over 15 years, I dreamed about releasing a new and updated version. Now, with the help of the amazing Shane Hensley, that dream finally becomes reality!”

Torg: Eternity will debut in hardback format in 2016.