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Clash of Kings UK Results are up

Mantic held their Clash of Kings event over the weekend, with a £1,000 purse to the winner (matching shoes and hat will be available in later tourneys).

From the update:

There was a Clash of Kings over the weekend as Top Kings of War generals took part in Mantic Games’ premier Kings of War UK Tournament. Capped off with a prize of £1000 for the winner, £350 for second and £150 for third, all was at stake for the year’s first tournament.

The results are now live and can be found on the Mantic Blog.

Check out our Facebook page for all of the photos from the event!

Tempted? Well, there’s a $1000 cash prize up for grabs at Clash of Kings US tournament at this year’s Adepticon. Grab your tickets on the Adepticon website to participate!