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Clash of Empires Army List overview

The Clash of Empires website has a new article looking at how the army lists were built for this Ancients ruleset. From their announcement:
We have just uploaded a pdf detailing how army lists are constructed for Clash of Empires. The Later Hoplite Greek army list is the first one to be uploaded on the site. Around twenty will be available to download by the release of the CoE rule book in April. Clash of Empires is published by Great Escape Games. The hardback book will be just under 200 pages, full colour and priced at £25. CoE is playable with 15mm, 20mm and 25/28mm figures and there is no need for rebasing. Units within the army list are ‘flavoured’ for that period so that a Roman Legionary is different to a Viking Hirdman, rather than both being superior Heavy Infantry. In the rulebook there will be lists for the Early Imperial Romans and its enemies in the west. The first army list book will cover Early Achaemenid Persia to the death of Alexander. Many army lists will be free to download from the web. They will be official but will be living lists reviewed by us and the wargaming community. Join our Yahoo group for updates. It will be available to order from First Corps, Gripping Beast, Magister Militum, North Star Military Figures and Great Escape Games soon. Gamers in North America and Australia may contact their local store and distributor for availability.