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Clash for the Cure 2011! Tournament in Waco Texas

The organizers for The Clash for the Cure 2011! Warmachine and Hordes tournament in Waco Texas have sent some details of their event. From their announcement:
At one time I was a pretty avid player of both 40K and WHFB in the Central Texas area. I kind of fell away from my GW days several years ago, only to come back as a Warmachine and Hordes player. In my GW days, I was a partner with Tom Keegan in making the Hombre Independent Grand Tournament in Killeen TX. It was a blast, but when my partner moved away to Florida for his job, the Hombre went dormant. It's been percolating in my head for several years but really just couldn't get the motivation to move forward with anything. The Hombre's last roll call held 94 players and was a proud member of the Independent Grand Tournament Circuit. Finally I have gotten the kick in the rear I needed to move forward. I wanted a little more behind me than just the "good time" a tournament organizer gets out of their creation. LOL. I have been surrounded in both my personal life and professional life with all forms of cancer. I couldn't think of a better benefit than the American Cancer Society. So with that in hand, Clash for the Cure 2011 was born.
The event is to be held in Waco Tx at the Game Closet. The tentative date (and it may vary by a week or so) is October 15th. I know it's early, but to get this thing moving in the direction I wanted with prize support, terrain, and a venue...I kind of had to. We are fixing to be heading into convention season and I needed to see what kind of feeling I could get from some gamers in my area and abroad. So the plans are for a 4 game tournament with lots of prizes, trophies, and just an awesome day of playing Warmachine and Hordes. We'll be doing pre-registration later on, just trying to get the word out now. The plan is for this to become an annual event, but I need some support and this is where you guys come in. Any of you that are even remotely interested and have a facebook account please visit the event's Facebook page. I need to be able to show my "support" as many likes as I can on there. If you click on the link, you can see I have started lining up some prize support for the event. Privateer Press Forum painters like Althai, Ghool, and our own Garden Ninja have expressed some interest. In fact I have been able to nail Althai and Ghool down which is absolutely awesome! A couple of other gaming companies have shown and finalized some interest as well. As I said, I plan on making this an annual event, and the venue will definitely get bigger. Thanks alot guys, Rich Courtney