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Clash For a Cure is coming

Clash For A Cure is coming and they'll have special guest studio painter Meg Maples there.

From the announcement:

Hello guys! Trying to spread some awareness for Clash for a Cure 2013! This is our third year of operation and we are trying to make it bigger and better than before! Clash for a Cure is a 3 day event taking place in Waco Texas using the Warmachine/Hordes and Malifaux rulesets. Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.

At present there are six tournaments over the three day weekend. On top of that we will also be having a Charity Raffle. The charity raffle includes painters from around the world painting up models to be raffled off to some lucky participants. For the second year, we will also be hosting The Cog, a steampunk based painting competition. Helping us judge entries will be the award winning artist Meg Maples! That's right, one of the studio painters for Privateer Press will be in attendance and has even agreed to raffle off a couple one-on-one painting classes to support the cause! Check out the Facebook page or our website at Give us a like and share it to your friends, it's a great cause to be behind!