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Clash for a Cure 2012 tourney coming on October 20-21

Clash for a Cure is two days of gaming for a good cause. Why just play games when you can play games and help people at the same time?

From the announcement:

Clash for a Cure started out last year as a 42 player Warmachine/Hordes Tournament benefiting the American Cancer Society. After a successful first run founders Rich Courtney and Jimmy Gollihar have decided to expand it. Not just the Warmachine/Hordes side of things (which now boasts 5 separate Privateer Press events), but they have added a slew of other systems to it! Malifaux was added as well as a Dust Tournament on Saturday night. To top that off, the cool folks at CoolMiniOrNot want to give some of us demos of Dark Age! How cool is that?
With all of those events going on, this will also be the inaugural year of “The Cog”, a steampunk painting competition. To continue on with the tradition started last year, Clash is also proud to present the Charity Raffle. Clash has recruited competition class painters from around the world to donate their time and skills to bring you a collection of models for raffle that will blow your mind! And the sponsors....CMON, Iwata Medea, JR Miniatures, Gamecraft Miniatures, Gale Force Nine, Mechanical Warhorse, Konflikt Terrain, KR Multicase, Tabletop Art,...the list goes on!

Please check out our Facebook page at or our webpage (which is undergoing some serious revisions due to the changes) at .