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Clank Deck-Building Game To Be Available At Gen Con

Renegade Game Studios and Dire Wolf Digital are teaming up to bring you a new deck-building game at Gen Con (well, they're bringing it to you after Gen Con as well, but it'll be debuted at Gen Con). The game is called Clank and it's all about trying to get a nice nap in... kind of.

In the game, players take on the role of adventurers looking to get some loot. You've found a huuuuge pile of it, in fact. The only problem is that it's being guarded by a dragon (as it tends to be). You're probably not gonna be able to take on the dragon, but if you can run off with some of his loot, that'd still be worth it. You just need to be careful to not make too much noise, lest you rouse the dragon from its slumber. Then, it's about trying to be the one that's not eaten.

As I mentioned, you'll be able to try out the game at Gen Con. That'll be in the Dire Wolf Digital booth (2703) while you'll be able to buy it in the Renegade Game Studios Booth (2304)

Clank! will be debuting at Gen Con with demos at the Dire Wolf Digital Booth #2703 and game sales occurring at the Renegade Game Studios Booth #2304.