City of Thieves release at Gen Con

Alderac Entertainment Group will be releasing City of Thieves at Gen Con 2010.

From their announcement:

The all new action-packed board game City of Thieves will be released at Gen Con this year, going on sale Saturday morning at the Alderac Entertainment Group booth.  The game features many amazing miniatures, and on Saturday at Gen Con the game will be sold in a deluxe pack with pre-painted miniatures. Quantities will be limited, please check the booth for the exact time of the sale.

Demonstrations of the game will be ongoing all weekend in our booth, and you can even reserve a spot to try the game in the events in the board game hall. Some of the events have already sold out, but here are the ones remaining:

BGM1016985 – City of Thieves – 10:00 AM
BGM1016986 – City of Thieves – 3:00 PM – 1 seat left as of 6/17!

All events sold out

BGM1016990 – City of Thieves – 11:00 AM – 1 seat left as of 6/17!
BGM1016989 – City of Thieves – 2:00 PM

BGM1016991 – City of Thieves – 10:00 AM – 2 seats left as of 6/17!

See you at the show.