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CitiesUp Board Game Now On Kickstarter

I remember when I first got SimCity on my Super Nintendo. It was cool to build a city, trying to make the population as big as possible, and make sure that the citizens were happy. But, being a single-player game, it wasn't something I really could enjoy with someone else. The only competition was with the game, itself. Well, Spectacled Bear Games is looking to raise some Kickstarter funds for CitiesUp, which is sort of like SimCity if you added in extra players.

In CitiesUp, each player takes on the roll of an Investor. They build residential, commercial, or industrial buildings around the city board. Each place must be supplied with basic services like electricity and water. Players collect taxes from the buildings they control, which they then use to buy more buildings and so forth and so on. Of course, various Event cards can change how you plan out your city, meaning you have to be flexible in your actions.

The campaign is about 50% funded with still 24 days left.