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Cities of Splendor Expansion Now Available

The Cities of Splendor expansion for... well... Splendor is now available. Actually, it should be The Cities of Splendor expansionS. Reason being is that it's not just one new set of rules inside the box, but actually several. You can mix and match them as you see fit to add several whole-new playing experiences to your game. Build strongholds, visit the Orient, deal with different trading posts, and visit new cities.

From the release:

All throughout Europe, the merchant and trading guilds are bustling with excitement. News travels quickly—tales of far off places promising wealth beyond compare fill the air. The cities of the Orient have opened their doors to their neighbors, and the guilds are loading up their caravans and readying their ships for departure. What opportunities and riches lie in wait for them? Cities of Splendor, the long-awaited expansion to the award-winning Splendor, is available now at your local US retailer!

Cities of Splendor, like the gems you aim to collect, is more than meets the eye. Within this box are four different expansions for the base game of Splendor, providing four times the fun. Each of the different modules provides a new element to your games of Splendor, adding higher level of intensity and fun to the puzzles you know and love.