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CitadelSix Custom Design introduces new 28mm & 15mm Decal-set ranges

CitadelSix comes to the aid of those of us with caffeine-hands with some new decal sets.

From the announcement:

The three new lines of 28mm Historic decals are:

1. Hundred Years War - Agincourt 1415 contains 24 English and 24 French heraldric designs for mounted knights’ heater shields, surcoat badges, warhorse trappers, banners and battle standard. Compatible with Front Rank Figurines Medieval Hundred Years War metal miniatures.
Product codes: H28-HYWES01-04 (English) & H28-HYWFS01-04 (French).
Price: £8.00 per set.

2. Knights Hospitaller, Templar & Crusader - Masters & Brothers - contains 75 heraldic designs for mounted Crusaders, Hospitallers and Templars - shields, cloak badges and warhorse trappers. Compatible with FireForge Games Templar Knights and Mounted Sergeants plastic miniatures.
Product codes: H28-KCS01-02 (Crusaders 1035-1134), H28-KHS01-03 (Hospitallers 1099-1305) & H28-KTS01-03 (Templars 1118-1314).
Price: £8.00 per set.

3. Wars of the Roses Lancastrian & Yorkist Swallow-tailed Standards - initial sets contain 3 Lancastrian and 3 Yorkist Standards. Compatible with any 28mm range of miniatures for this era of history.
Product codes: H28-WRLSS01 (Lancastrian) & H28-WRYSS01 (Yorkist).
Price: £4.00 per set.

One new line of 15mm Historic decals:
Knights Hospitaller, Templar & Crusader - Masters & Brothers - contains 119 heraldic decals for mounted and infantry Crusaders, Hospitallers and Templars - shields and pavises. Compatible with Essex Miniatures Crusades Frankish Knights metal miniatures.
Product codes: H15-KCS01 (Crusaders - First Crusade), H15-KHS01 (Hospitallers 1099-1177) & H15-KTS01 (Templars 1118-1171).
Price: £5.00 per set.

Longbow Archery - Heraldic Crest & Arrow-wrap decals:

1. Heraldic Crests - contains 20 heraldic decals, with or without monograms for use on Longbows, Arrows, Leather Quivers, Bracers and Score-pad covers, and Bow-stands.
Product codes: C6CD-LBACS01 (with or without monograms).
Price: £5.00 per set.

2. Arrow-wraps - contains 12 personalised, numbered decals, with or without Heraldic Crests for use on Longbow Arrows.
Product codes: C6CD-LBAWS01 (with or without Crests).
Price: £8.00 per set.

Product codes simplified: all non-Longbow archery decal-sets now all begin with a category and scale prefix. For example, H28- for all 28mm scale Historic ranges.